With the support of the Sakura Science Program, during the five-day period from November 25 to December 3, 2023, under the theme “Accelerating Collaboration in Women’s Medicine and Nursing and Rehabilitation Science – To Promote Women’s Health in the Era of 100 Years of Life” was held with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Science, Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Huaxi University Huaxi Medical School, Sichuan University, China. Assistant Professor Yunjie Luo was in charge of most of the planning and management of the day of the program. The program was supported by faculty members from the Nursing Department, as well as Dr. Mina Samukawa and Dr. Risa Takashima from the Rehabilitation Science Department. More than 30 students and faculty members from both schools participated in the event, thanks to the support of all the participants.

November 25 (Saturday) Opening Ceremony Special Lecture

On Saturday, November 25, the opening ceremony was held. Opening remarks were made by Professor Rika Yano, Dean of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Hokkaido University, and Professor Chengqi He, Director of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Huaxi Hospital, Sichuan University. Prof. Yano welcomed the participating professionals and student representatives and expressed his hope that the students would gain meaningful learning through the exchange activities.

Opening Remarks Prof. Rika Yano, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
Opening Remarks Director, Prof. Chengqi He
Introduction of Hokkaido University and the Graduate School of Health Sciences Associate Professor Sachiko Kondo

Following the opening ceremony, Professor Yasuhiko Emina of Hokkaido University gave a detailed overview and introduction of this exchange program, and Associate Professor Sachiko Kondo of Hokkaido University and Professor Qiang Gao of Sichuan University gave introductions about Sichuan University and Hokkaido University, respectively.

After the opening ceremony, a total of six experts from both schools gave special lectures on their respective areas of expertise, in line with the program theme. Dr. Yunjie Luo of Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Health Sciences and Dr. Jia Jiahai of Sichuan University’s Center for Rehabilitation Medicine at Huaxi Medical Center served as moderators.

Special Lectures

  1. Yasuhiko Ebina ( Hokkaido University) Current obstetrics and gynecology care in Japan: expectation for physical therapy
  2. Mawei Wang (Sichuan University) Exercises rehabilitation after breast cancer surgery in geriatric female patients
  3. Mina Sagawa (Hokkaido University) Sports physical therapy approach for women’s health
  4. Zhao Ying (Sichuan University) Evaluation treatment of female stress urinary incontinence
  5. Risa Takashima (Hokkaido University) Gender and women’s health: from an occupational therapy perspective
  6. Zhang Yu-Ting (Sichuan University) Cognitive rehabilitation for elderly women

After the special lectures, Professor Naoki Sumi, Director of the Center for Health Care Education and Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, Hokkaido University, and Professor Yang Yonghong of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Huaxi Medical Center, Sichuan University, concluded the day’s schedule with remarks from the audience.

November 26 (Sunday) Student Group Discussion

On Sunday, November 26, eight students from Sichuan University and eight students from Hokkaido University had a very enthusiastic exchange facilitated by Dr. Yunjie Luo of Hokkaido University and Dr. Jiajie Hua and Yang Xu of Sichuan University. Participants had group discussions on a variety of topics, including the current status and challenges of medical and nursing teamwork, future directions and goals of scientific research, and prospects for occupational planning. Through this process, they learned from and deepened their understanding of each other.

December 1 (Friday) Online Laboratory Tour

On Friday, December 1, guided by Dr. Yang Xu and Feng Yi Wang of Sichuan University, Dr. Yunjie Luo of Hokkaido University, and their students, students from both schools went online to visit the Occupational Therapy Hall, Physical Therapy Hall, Traditional Chinese Therapy Room, and Orthotic Room at the Wenjiang Hospital District, Huaxi Medical School of Sichuan University, and the Health Science Institute of Hokkaido University. They visited the general student facilities and the rehabilitation science laboratory at the Hokkaido University Health Science Institute. The visit provided a good opportunity for both sides to deepen their understanding of each other’s daily work and was highly appreciated by students from both schools.

December 2 (Saturday) Joint seminar

On Saturday, December 2, students from both schools conducted a joint seminar based on a topic of interest to them. Professor Yasuhiko Ebina of Hokkaido University moderated the session. Associate Professors Mina Samukawa and Yunjie Luo of Hokkaido University and Professor Jiajie Ga of Sichuan University provided numerous comments. Faculty and students from both schools engaged in lively discussions on topics such as telerehabilitation, pain management, postpartum rehabilitation, exercise training for peri-menopausal women, and health education promotion.

Miho Yamaguchi of Ebina Seminar
Headquarters that receives and transmits video and audio and has interpretation functions

December 3 (Sunday) Group Presentation Closing Ceremony

On Sunday, December 3, the final day of the program, a student group presentation was held based on the findings of the group discussion on the second day. The students were divided into three groups and gave presentations on “University Education in Nursing and Rehabilitation Studies in Japan and China,” “Career Development,” and “Multidisciplinary Collaboration. Professor Gao Qiang of Sichuan University, Professor Yasuhiko Emina of Hokkaido University, Associate Professor Mina Samukawa, and Associate Professor Sachiko Kondo provided comments. After the presentations, Prof. Qiang Gao and Prof. Yasuhiko Emina gave closing remarks.

We hope that this event will provide an opportunity for faculty and students from both schools to further deepen their exchange and cooperation in the future. The active participation of faculty and students from Japan and China made this event a success. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to JST for their support in making this a meaningful program for all involved.

Commemorative photo at the closing ceremony Everyone is smiling brilliantly!