Counselling for admission to postgraduate studies (spring 2025 entry) is available.

Hokkaido University’s postgraduate entrance examination is due in July 2024, with the application deadline, entrance examination in August and announcement of acceptance in September. When applying, applicants are required to meet in advance with one faculty member with whom they would like to have research supervision after admission, and to submit a statement of reasons for their application signed by the faculty member.

Our department is in charge of the following two fields of education and research as part of the Master’s Course in Nursing in the Department of Health Sciences. The curriculum of the Master’s Course in Health Sciences in the School of Nursing covers the following two areas of education and research: (1) Nursing (curriculum specialising in research) and (2) Midwifery (curriculum aiming to take the national midwifery examination, requiring a Japanese nursing licence). Students are then required to apply for either of these areas. In addition, graduate students in the doctoral course are also welcome. At the academic counselling, we will talk specifically about your desired future career path, the purpose of your postgraduate studies and the research you would like to carry out.

For more information, please see the Graduate Education page.

Here are the current research topics of the postgraduate students.

If you are at all interested, please feel free to contact us. First of all, let’s have a casual interview. Online interviews are also available for those who live far away.

Yasuhiko EBINA