The Master’s Degree Course in Nursing aims to conduct research in the field of health sciences and to train researchers and educators who will lead the health sciences in the future. Compared to the midwifery courses in our department, we offer a more flexible course set-up, so please let us know your wishes in individual counseling. It is not impossible to publish two papers! (However, it is also possible to take your time and proceed slowly). You can obtain a master’s degree (nursing).

For example, this course is suitable for midwives and nurses who are aiming to build new evidences to solve ” clinical questions etc.”.

In addition, since a Japanese nursing licence is not required to apply, we can also accept applicants who have graduated (or are expected to graduate) from other academic fields and wish to conduct research on women’s health, mental health, etc.

We sincerely welcome highly motivated people with different academic backgrounds and work experience to join us.

Research themes are expected to cover not only maternal, postnatal, neonatal and infant health, but also a wide field of related areas such as women’s health, mother-infant interaction, adolescence, etc. Therefore, we provide supervision of research on themes that are in line with the scientific interests of each student, while respecting their individual wishes and motivations to the greatest possible extent. Students are given experience in exploring and setting themes, examining subjects and methods, ethical issues, conducting and analysing research, writing research papers, making presentations at conferences and debriefing sessions, and submitting articles. In the process, the students will develop their logical thinking skills, communication skills both inside and outside the university, and management and coordination abilities.

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Students can also join the additional postgraduate education courses within Hokkaido University.

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