D2 Kana Ohkawa

My research focuses on sexuality education for primary school children. I want to develop an educational programme for primary school children and their parents, with a focus on pre-conceptual health.

D2 Mana Nakamura

My research focuses on nipple injuries that occur as a result of breastfeeding. I want to help the mothers in the postpartum period to continue breastfeeding comfortably and to their heart’s content for the desired length of time.

M2 Rena Iijima

I am researching university students’ perceptions of their own fertility. I aim to become a midwife who can be an ally for all women by being involved in the promotion of preconception care as well as support for pregnant and parturient women.

M2 Hinako Inazawa

I am interested in menstrual education. I would like to be involved in improving women’s health by contributing to improving their quality of life and solving the menstrual problems they face in schools and society.

M2 Misato Kikuchi

My research is in the field of sex education. The aim of my research is to create an environment in which adolescents are able to access the necessary sexual knowledge and also acquire skills.

M2 Shiori Kobayashi

I am conducting research on socially high-risk pregnant women. My aim is to clarify the actual situation of socially high-risk pregnant women and to use this information for early detection and seamless support.

M2 Tone Nishimura

I am conducting research on perinatal mental health support for couples. I hope to help expand support for families, including fathers as well as mothers and children.

M2 Miho Yamaguchi

My research focuses on ‘Exploring disincentives in sexual health prevention behaviours necessary for sexually mature women’. I am conducting research to get close to the feelings of young women who are going to experience many things in the future, and to get suggestions on how to cope with women-specific health problems.